Reservation Engine is a cloud reservation system that meets the demands of the new era in car rentals. It’ s a whole new way to organise your car rental company.

Just think: you’re getting too many phone calls every day from your clients and mostly from your partners, asking about prices, how many people can a car carry, or even if there is a fluffy bear available. You spend most of your time and effort trying to figure out how to keep everybody happy. On top of that, you need to manage your fleet and your employees in a efficient way. It can be overwhelming.

Reservation Engine is a fast reservation tool for your partners and yourself. Nothing is overwhelming anymore. Save your time and energy, as it auto assigns vehicles to reservations and creates an optimised schedule for your workday. It’s not magic, it’s math.


The new edition of the Reservation Engine is currently under construction and ready to be presented at Websummit in Dublin 4-6 November 2014.


The new Reservation Engine has a new website ( and many more new features.


The heart of the system is a smart, optimised algorithm that uses all the imported data and various parameters to auto-assign vehicles to reservations and create a daily action schedule for the car rental company.


Using tablets and the 3G/4G network, the Reservation Engine creates multiple points of sales that are constantly connected to the database. The reservations are completed in under a minute and the amount of unnecessary phone calls reduces to a minimum.


The new Reservation Engine is really the manager’s best friend as it auto assigns vehicles to reservations and then creates the daily workflow for the company. With more free time, the manager can be more productive and efficient.


When the action schedule is created, the driver’s smart watches are automatically updated with each individual’s workflow. No need for stress or extra phone calls. Simplicity through technology.


Don’t you LOVE it? Book a date with the Reservation Engine on February 14th, 2015.



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