This is the first of my blogs posted here, in our new site at X!TE agency. To begin with, i’ve decided to create a small series of blogs about beauty as a concept and the affects it has in our everyday lives.

First of all, i believe it is important to understand that since the beginning of mankind, the creation of beautiful things, was considered Art. Through the history of Art we can follow the changes and the evolution of what is called “beautiful”. A painting on a prehistoric cave or a painting in the Louvre, an ancient greek statue or a modern metal sculpture, are all considered to be beautiful for various and different reasons.

The question is, why were people bothered to create Art in the first place? What was that man in the cave thinking, that made him create an image of himself hunting? Did he want to tell a story or did he think that the wall was just boring?

I believe both are true. And this is probably the meaning of what we consider beautiful. Something that tells a story in a non-boring way. Try to think about all the information that surrounds us in every moment of our life. We are overwhelmed by thousands of messages and huge amounts of data, and yet, we only manage to remember a few of them. We only choose to filter a very small amount of the total information that we encounter every day.

Subconsciously, we choose to remember the images or the sounds that are different, that aren’t boring, that make us laugh, that distract our minds from our daily routine. We simply choose to filter things that are, in one way or another, beautiful.

In an aesthetic ugly world, these small corners of beauty seem like oasis in the desert. This is why we design. This is the reason for the existence of people who can imagine and create beautiful things. Because we need it.


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