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Reservation Engine v3.4.2 launched

Introducing R-engine Version 3.4.2 – the most stable and complete version with many new features.

R-engine v3.4.2 also comes with full support for of pusher for real time communication.

What else is new

New Dashboard – We redesign the dashboard by adding new features and rearranging the panels.

New Activity Log – The activity log is capturing any actions company users are doing at the system.

New Routing table (Beta) – The routes are definded …

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Reservation Engine wins BRONZE award

Exciting news for Xite Agency and our product, ReservationEngine!

Yesterday, April 6th 2016, at the ceremony for the Greek National Tourism Awards 2016, the ReservationEngine was awarded BRONZE for innovative use of technology! The awards are an initiative of Boussias Communications, the Greek Tourism Organisation and the Ministry of Economy, Growth and Tourism.

The ceremony was held at the Athens Concert Hall, and the room …

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Elections have their hero now!

May 2014 was a month of European and Local elections. In this time of indifference and degradation towards Democracy, we needed a symbol. Something strong and solid, to create awareness about the importance of the voting process. So, The Voter was born.


“We vote. Remember that we have the power to choose. We have the power! This time it is us who are the heroes. We are The Voters”

“The Vote …

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About beauty – Part 1

This is the first of my blogs posted here, in our new site at X!TE agency. To begin with, i’ve decided to create a small series of blogs about beauty as a concept and the affects it has in our everyday lives.

First of all, i believe it is important to understand that since the beginning of mankind, the creation of beautiful things, was considered Art. Through the history …

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