I always liked painting, and art in general. In a constant hunt for what is beautiful and simple, i figured that real beauty is everywhere. Beauty can be found at the most unexpected places. This is what i love about being a designer: The fact that maybe i made someone smile or take a second look while browsing the web, a magazine, or just walking in the street. The fact that given the chance i can convert a simple idea into something to remember. That maybe i can make a grey corner on a street a bit more interesting. Always trying to find new sources, new ideas, new materials that i can use, i feed my hunger for new designs – my search for beauty – with everything i find even remotely interesting. It is that search that fills my mind with ideas and guides my hand when designing. From a national museum of art to a simple t-shirt, and from worldwide TV ad to a simple flyer found on the street, the beauty waits for us to discover.