I started my web developing carrier since I was in high school and I’ve never stopped since then. I consider myself lucky because most of my immediate circle of acquaintances are still venturing to find the occupation they’ll grow up with and here I am, creating day in and day out feeling immense joy with my choice of work.
The most fascinating fact with web developing is the astoundingly fast rhythm in which technology on the web progresses and evolves! It is a race for the strong minded in which if you gain the necessary momentum you will emerge victorious and you will keep people amazed with your creations. In this race I consider myself a never-ending runner and I have no doubt that I won’t stop trying to reach the front runners and ultimately be one of them!
There is a cliché about programming, if you’re still reading this little point of view then you’ll probably one of us and you already know it. I am referring to the phrase “Code is Poetry”. A Poem is a beautifully crafted and carefully designed work of literature which is passionately written by an aspiring author. Now replace the word Poem with Code, the word literature with art and finally the word author with programmer and you will understand what programming means to me.