Store corporate identity

Gourla family is involved in the floor & bathroom trade for 2 generations now, but until 2013 they didn’t have a recognizable identity.

Our job was to create a logo and an identity that reflects the quality of their services and products, and after that to introduce “DimitraGourla floor& bath design” to a wider audience. The greek letter “δ” (delta) rotated and copied, creates an interesting and memorable logo.

The colors used …

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Pastry shop campaign

Pastry shop breakfast campaign for 2013.

The design is based on the speech bubble and the filled letters.

The breakfast poster.

The coffee poster.

The poster for the 14th of Febrouary.

Banner for the Easter themed breakfast (without meat).

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Health & beauty store

Branding and corporate identity of a newly found health and beauty company .

The name is easy to remember and additionally, it means “thread” in ancient greek. It is a reference to the Myth of Ardiadni who walked through the Minoan Maze using a thread to come back out.

Minimal design, minimal lines for the logo and a maze that the 2 “t”s create.

The logo appears always in black …

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No Crisis Campaign

The 2013 campaign of ANKO college beats the crisis.

We suggested this bold idea to advertise the college’s courses that seem to not be affected by the crisis. Also the campaign tries optimistically to make the people realize that some values don’t change.

Beauty isn’t in crisis

Tourism isn’t in crisis

Cooking isn’t in crisis

A poster for the general idea: …

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Lounge cafe-bistro rebranding

After some years of being closed, the historic Italian cafe-bistro re-opened under new management in 2013.

The new logo had to keep in touch with the old Italian style, so it’s an ornament inspired by patterns found on buildings. We also managed to insert the Greek element of “maiandros” to create a pleasant mixture of styles.

The new logo introduced in 2013

Wine glasses with the logo.

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Boutique Hotel re-Branding

The hotel Meni Beach at Tigkaki, Kos was a simple family hotel with a nice restaurant. In 2012, a large scale renovation took place and the management decided that it was an opportunity to re-design the corporate identity.

We were bold and suggested a name change that included the word “more”, trying to make it easier for the visitors to remember the hotel. We used simple lines, minimal design and bright …

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