Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bottle and tin cans design for an extra virgin olive oil producer. The design is based on the “window” that lets the product to be seen and the pattern that was created from the logo. The white and brown colour scheme combine in a modern¬†idea of the traditional.

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Limited Edition Wine

Label design for a special, limited edition wine (900 bottles). White paint on a bottle and gold details. Especially difficult construction because of the curvature of the bottle and the one of the design. The 3 columns on the logo refer to the name “3rd generation”.

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Pastry shop packaging

Packaging for product series of a local pastry shop.

We used the design from the 2013 campaign to strengthen the identity of the pastry shop. The products are separated with color codes and the packaging comes in 2 sizes.

The original idea was to use carton, but due to budget limitations the final product went out in simple 300gr paper.

One of the small packages for baklava bites.

  • May 2nd 2014
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    Health & beauty store

    Branding and corporate identity of a newly found health and beauty company .

    The name is easy to remember and additionally, it means “thread” in ancient greek. It is a reference to the Myth of Ardiadni who walked through the Minoan Maze using a thread to come back out.

    Minimal design, minimal lines for the logo and a maze that the 2 “t”s create.

    The logo appears always in black …

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    Hippocrates olive oil

    The local olive oil is one of the strongest exports of Kos island. Lesperides farm, wanted a design for its premium extra virgin organic olive oil, named after the father of medicine, Hippocrates.

    We wanted the final product to be seen with its beautiful green color, so the bottle is transparent. The white label and the prints on the glass create the image this olive oil deserves.

    The logo …

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