May 2014 was a month of European and Local elections. In this time of indifference and degradation towards Democracy, we needed a symbol. Something strong and solid, to create awareness about the importance of the voting process. So, The Voter was born.



“We vote. Remember that we have the power to choose. We have the power! This time it is us who are the heroes. We are The Voters”

“The Vote is a superhero. He is the one who can change the world into a better one. He is… You!”

These are just some of the Voter’s posts on Facebook during the elections.


“I am a Voter” was our moto when we went to vote. The t-shirt was free, but you had to wear it at the ballot.


The Voter was just our way to tell the people that Democracy can work if  everyone is part of it. We want to thank the people that responded and wore the t-shirts at the ballots and helped us spread the message.

The elections are over but the Voters won’t rest… They’ll be watching…


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