Xite Agency was in Dublin from 4th to 6th of November for the Web Summit conference, presenting the new Reservation Engine!


Before everything begun, we had to take a selfie! We met lots of amazing people that day and created connections.


Coffee break! At the Google stand. It was a long day of standing and talking but our mood never dropped.


We quickly made friends with “InLoco” from Brazil. Lots of interesting ideas in the area of Travel and in general, gave us a good look in the world of technology and marketing.


At the Builder’s Summit. The day before and after our presentation, we tried to attend as many speeches as possible.


There is only one word for the centre stage: Huge! Capacity of over 5000 people. There, at the final day, we watched the winners of the “pitch” competition held by the CocaCola  company.


After 3 days standing and attending conferences, we started to get tired.


The Web Summit didn’t end at the walls of the conference centre. At the local pubs, the attendees met, discussed, laughed and tasted the variety of beers that was available. Here we are with our friends from London, the design agency “Make it Digital”.

In general, the trip in Dublin was very informative. We had the chance to meet all these people and attend an amazing conference. We gladly realised that the Reservation Engine is an original idea and attracted interest from individuals and big organisations. Now, all that is left is to work hard and keep our promise for a smart and easy-to-use product for the car rental companies. Launch date: February 14th!



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